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Ic 1.5KE24A

ddition to 4x6 LED panel, the development kit also includes the mirrors and IC 1.5KE24A and drive module, provides designers with the basic tools required for the design, so developers can focus on the lighting products to market quickly, while using energy-efficient, meet environmental requirements, long life LED lighting technology.

1.5KE24A Suppliers

inferior (application of the factors that affect the street): the current price still too high, low flux, the current design of the LED illumination light source the same price roughly equivalent to the traditional light source 4 times (but in the street products, light part of the total cost is not high, so the cost of installation in the project to raise the ratio will not be too high, the application of the space is quite large), in the civ

1.5KE24A Price

Into 2007, we are pleased to find that 22-inch widescreen LCD to show astonishing speed, lower prices, product line expansion, the first unit this year's DIY market, the rise of new forces. And, since 1680 * 1050 resolution 22-inch widescreen release, the panel cut the cost of slightly higher than the 19-inch widescreen, is lower than the normal 19-inch panel, so very promising this year, 22 widescreen below 2,000 yuan, while the second-tier brands more is less than 1,800 yuan in the 22 widescreen will sell very well in 2007 ushered in the situation.

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