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Ic 100325DC

Rendering 3D games in the past, if you want to show the physical effects, software simulations must be done by the CPU operation, limited by CPU processing power, it is difficult to see in the game realistic, fluid physics. This no doubt limits the large-scale promotion and IC 100325DC and development of 3D games. To this end the company had successfully launched a separate physical card, the CPU's work "pull" to the physical Accelerator up to complete. Facts have proved that this independent of the physical card, can significantly enhance the large screen 3D game reproduction. And we are talking about the physical acceleration, in fact, all of the physical Accelerator, integrated in the graphics card, and then through a special driver to open it. Can be seen to support the physical acceleration of the graphics, its performance is equal to the basis of graphics, but also added a separate physics accelerator card. This card not only has better 3D image display performance, but also the appropriate level to reduce the system configuration of the pressure on the CPU.

100325DC Suppliers

But as the saying goes, one foot in mind that, bought the fine did not sell. Blind pursuit of cost-effective, but also to profiteers with a cheaper and 100325DC Suppliers and other countermeasures, it is hard to detect. In fact, should also pay attention to the pursuit of cost-effective ways and methods, not enough light to pursue low-cost, learn how to identify quality products is the fundamental solution. Council elections will buy less, choose a good product, with maintained, used for a long time, is the real money.

100325DC Price

this point of view, MP3 mobile phones are maturing, while the MP3 market space has been given a certain compression ratio. In fact, MP3 player, after recent years of preparation, development, the end product in other entertainment functions under integration and 100325DC Price and subversive (especially MP3 phones strong intervention), around the "MP3 player, the life cycle", and " living space "in the MP3 player" academic "has long been extensive discussion.

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