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Ic 100411B

Philips 320GSDE3273 mobile hard disk There are five colors, are: noble black, pearl silver, rose red, titanium, precious stones blue. Size is only: 122mm × 74mm × 13mm, with MINIUSB2.0 transmission interface, simple and IC 100411B and elegant appearance of the product, highlights the unique honor of Philips temperament. No screw machine design, dynamic fluid, from the inside out perfectly integrated, all components are one-time structure, and not repeat the assembly or disassembly of its parts, to achieve a real sense of the original mobile hard drives, and also to resolve the product of the earthquake resistance, heat resistance, electromagnetic interference, anti-static and other problems.

100411B Suppliers

VIAPV530 flagship high-performance computing is a low-power processor micro-architecture based x86Esther, 90nm manufacturing process, NanoBGA2 package, the core area of 21 × 21 mm, frequency 1.8GHz, FSB 800MHz, two Cache 12KB, support SSE2/SSE3 multimedia instruction set.

100411B Price

Of course, both views still exist. But the reporter from the point of view reflected in the consumer market, and 100411B Price and now 1,500 yuan to buy one with full MP3, mobile phones with cameras (see the news in the market out of an association with the new MP3, 200 million pixels mobile phone, price 1,600 yuan), consumers are more willing to spend money on MP3 mobile phones. One netizen even said: "Now who would like to take a cell phone, also with a MP3? Since integrated together, MP3 mobile phones is the preferred course. To the pursuit of sound quality, then I might as well take a CD !"

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