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Ic 24LC02B/SN

QUALCOMMs solutions support advanced multimedia, connectivity, position location, user interface and IC 24LC02B/SN and removable storage functionality, high-pass Launchpad ? suite also supports Qualcomms BREW ? ; solution, this solution enables advanced applications and content downloads and sales, allowing operators and OEMs to differentiate products and services to improve their own income. QUALCOMMs chipsets are also with the Java ? runtime environment (J2ME ?) compatible; J2ME BREW client can be used as an extension built entirely on the chipset.

24LC02B/SN Suppliers

icrostrip band-pass filters in EM simulation, film production and 24LC02B/SN Suppliers and vector network analyzer (VNA) test. Filter characteristics of simulation and test are in good agreement: a factor of 10.1GHz; S21 <1.3dB; voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) is 1.1; bandwidth 1dB, 3dB and 10dB, respectively, when 340MHz, 380MHz and 800MHz; shape factor 0.054dB/MHz.

24LC02B/SN Price

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