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Ic 24LC256-I/SM

In the field of HD video, H.264 and IC 24LC256-I/SM and VC-1 encoding the two occupy the mainstream, especially the VC-1, under the strong promotion of Microsoft, most have adopted HD-DVD VC-1 encoding Many Blu-ray movies using the VC-1 encoding, the network is also popular with a lot of HDTV video files using VC-1 repression. AMD's HD2600/2400 series of graphics cards will not only support the latest DirectX10, the core structure of the advanced high-definition video playback in a more ground-breaking development, a new generation of high-definition all-around game graphics model.

24LC256-I/SM Suppliers

According to EE Times Web site reported that the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) data show that the first quarter of 2008, fabless semiconductor company revenue of 13.4 billion U.S. dollars, up 16% over last year. Intels stock price Tuesday on the Nasdaq in regular trading up $ 0.34, to close at $ 16.83, or 2.06%. In the past 52 weeks, Intel stock a minimum of $ 12.05, up to $ 24.75.

24LC256-I/SM Price

Ergonomic design of the V20, slightly concave surface of left and 24LC256-I/SM Price and right mouse buttons, and fingers a good fit. With one-button design, the key process of moderate length, good elasticity. With forward and back button on the left for easy browsing page. Between the black and white hue wheel, play a good window dressing effect. Wheel at the top, with 800/1600DPI Convert button, you can arbitrarily manipulate. V20 is also a smart power-saving technology, low power consumption, for your peace of mind.

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