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[NEW YORK July 21 Beijing News] Sony Ericsson T707 is a 3G phone, although the mainstream performance can only be described as moderate, but the highlights is the appearance, T707 looks absolutely beautiful fashion represented, with beautiful clamshell design, while the co-ordination of various lights, can be used simply beautiful to describe. The aircraft is currently Rights Network in microphone for only 1880 yuan, like a friend to hold on tight.

2N2222A Suppliers

8:20, the total solar eclipse will occur, and 2N2222A Suppliers and enter the "first contact" stage. Around 9:30 to 5 minutes, the sky will appear in Nanjing is also a sudden drop in brightness, the state of the city into darkness. Nanjing public security departments to remind the majority of motor vehicle drivers: 1,22 am traveling motor vehicle drivers to be ready when that time the sky turned dark vehicle lighting, constant speed, observe and ensure traffic safety . 2, in the driving process, do not rise watch the solar eclipse, not to head out of the window view, to avoid accidents. 3, if you want to watch the solar eclipse, to park in advance to the location does not affect traffic, the use of pre-prepared solar observation mirror viewing. Solar eclipse to be seen a short break, so the eyes to adjust to and then drive a vehicle without any discomfort.

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Morning of July 22, several hundred years of the rare total solar eclipse will be staged in the sky. The total solar eclipse from the eclipse first round loss to the complex up to 2 hours, the longest total solar eclipse of up to 6 minutes. This is between 1814 -2309 can be observed in China the longest total solar eclipse events. Astronomical Society and 2N2222A Price and the National Astronomical Observatories of China jointly identified, including Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Gaochun, Changzhou and Wuxi cities, including the total solar eclipse of 8 specified observation points. Not in Nanjing with a total solar eclipse, but still see 99% of the sun obscured the partial eclipse.

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