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Ic 2N3866

SAN FRANCISCO March 24 news CeBIT2007 carried out in the middle of this month, the latest generation chipset debut in full, including Intel's DDR3 platform-Bearlake series, double A (AMD ATI) combined the first series of work-AMD690 , NVIDIA support HDMI, MCP68, and IC 2N3866 and SiS's SiS672 and so on. One of the most remarkable comeback after the merger ATI chipset market, AMD, CPU sales in the past simply different, AMD now has a CPU plus chipset bundle strength, not only to enhance the competitiveness of Intel, more strong enough to compete with NVIDIA GPU products, so now becomes the only one with AMD CPU, GPU, plus chipset, the three core components of the system chip suppliers. Double A significant increase in strength of the integrated chipset, the AMD, the future face of both the main GPU chipset plus NVIDIA, or a program known for a platform of Intel, the competitiveness of both can not be overlooked, can be expected in the second half of the chip set market will enter the Intel, AMD and AMD's Triwizard times, and this is the top three competitors, and there is interdependence, can be said to be very subtle. According to statistics, the new generation of products become mainstream until the 4th quarter in 2006 chipset maker in terms of market share, NVIDIA was the most excellent, and its share increased from 14.0% in the third quarter of 2006, growing to 18.4 % over the same period in 2005 was only 13.1%. NVIDIA is the main cause of rising share is priced version of C61V C61 series continued hot, it will double the previous generation C51's north and south bridge integrated single chip solution

2N3866 Suppliers

is the nature of capital flows to generate high returns in the region and 2N3866 Suppliers and area. Competition in the market, who can achieve product, materials, a place of supply and demand, the sales market localization, whoever won the competition to hold the event in advance drawing. In this way, around the industrial chain investment, and create industry environment, the formation of ancillary and downstream businesses is particularly critical.

2N3866 Price

, the new NVIDIA-based development of next-generation architecture from Fermi's GTX480/470, started selling the early days of the majority of the media and 2N3866 Price and players are nicknamed the "Fermi." In addition to its own high-end positioning because of the cheap prices to match, the more is its high power consumption and high heat makes the player want to spend family had good power and radiator fee a "m . " Advocate in the world is green, emission reduction, low carbon new life environment, with unparalleled performance simply can not firmly grasp appear to the user's heart.

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