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Ic 2N7000

DataBeans company said that in 2008 the global photovoltaic market will grow from 15.9 billion in 2007 growing to 174 billion U.S. dollars, an annual growth rate of about 9.3%. During the period from 2008 to 2013, annual growth rate will reach 12%. According to the figures, in 2013, PV market will reach 31.2 billion U.S. dollars.

2N7000 Suppliers

Friends of the 19th meeting of shareholders, and 2N7000 Suppliers and through the recognition of 2007 earnings, earnings distribution and capitalization of earnings and other matters, which in 2007 consolidated revenue reached NT 4,802 million, representing growth of 64% in 2006, 56.4 billion yuan net profit, earnings per share of 7.22 yuan, a record 12 years of Friends of the establishment of best performance, but also through the allotment of stock dividends in cash dividend of 0.5 yuan and 2.5 yuan. In addition, the end of 2007, undistributed earnings of about 55.645 billion yuan, will continue into next-generation production line capacity expansion. KY Lee said that AUO will continue to invest surplus expansion, the future is expected to create greater benefits for shareholders.

2N7000 Price

KY Lee noted that AUO diversified customer base, the current digest is indeed the largest brands plants, but will remain with the AU and 2N7000 Price and other regional brands second plant plant to maintain good relations of cooperation. Demand in the land, he stressed that the Government can provide a centralized and long-term development of the hinterland, the Friends of the production line and more than 5 generations in families located in the next 10 generations in the Division plant site near the cities and counties also will be the first choice, 10 behalf of the line equipment, especially equipment is huge, must consider the transportation problem, while considering the larger size components, including glass, color filters and so on, therefore, needs to have enough to meet the needs of the hinterland, as the land is often time-consuming job longer, I hope The Government set a timetable as soon as possible to facilitate the panel plant construction arrangements.

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