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In addition to applications in NB, the Korean Samsung Electronics, Department of Industry (Samsung Electronics) and IC 2SB1424 and other manufacturers have recently hit LED backlight LCD TV. Conservative estimate of the market in 2010 the penetration rate of LED-backlit LCD TVs up to 10 ~ 15%, while the LED display is also great potential. Trends in power in the LED-backlit panel, the overall business look pretty.

2SB1424 Suppliers

To enable system designers to develop new value-added services and 2SB1424 Suppliers and features, IDT ? Corporation (Integrated Device Technology, Inc) introduced the industrys first ready-made statistical engine. The statistics engine to the edge router, broadband multi-service storage devices and provide a platform for the target, with a Network Processing Forum (NPF) LA-1 interface, and can uninstall NPU, FPGA and ASIC processors and other components of the important statistical tracking. With this new single-chip device, designers can focus on IP-based services and other compute-intensive functions. These services include the transfer from IPv4 to IPv6; and such as online gaming, streaming media and content-related business, such businesses need to understand and accurately track the bandwidth consumption. IDT chief technology officer and vice president of systems technology Michael Miller, said: "The launch of the IDT statistics engine system-level applications will be understanding and we combine the various technologies to provide value-added solutions to improve the performance and cost effectiveness of a progress. user wants to design a support for the current packet processor, 10G (OC-192) edge / access / metro router, and in the support of millions of users to achieve transfer rates are difficult areas. This router need to distinguish between services, and need to ensure the transmission rate of a single processor, quality of service and service level, this design is almost impossible. IDT statistics engine to prevent the processor unit in the restrictive external bus access to the production process stagnation, will help users deal with performance challenges. "Semico Research Corp. Bob Merritt, vice president, said:" As the industry continued in the information packet switched networks for advanced business development, the increasing importance of statistical monitoring tasks , service providers need to ensure that VoIP and other content-rich services such as application bandwidth. IDT statistics engine that can meet market needs and provides several previous surveys did not collect the advantages of solutions, enabling service providers to their customers a wider choice ."

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Office keyboard percussion most in need of attention is not life, but waterproof. Now the general life of the keyboard are more than 1000 million, while the water craft they do not very good. Technology famous colorful waterproof mouse and 2SB1424 Price and keyboard mouse and keyboard manufacturers have been doing well, it's this "Qianlong hands" waterproof keyboard power on the display of the region with cold case has been directed at, and its strength is evident. Installed for the low-end users, "Qianlong colorful hand" is a good choice.

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