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Ic 2SD1834

E-reader technology is the core of the largest electronic paper screen, and IC 2SD1834 and to control the E-ink, the Friends of the hands of upstream manufacturers. At present the use of electronic paper display control chip, the main stem from Epson, this first introduction of electronic paper display control chip manufacturers, the basic monopoly current electronic paper display control chip. However, a relative dominance of these areas, e-reader platform used in product development, preached relatively "busy" situation.

2SD1834 Suppliers

Music, Venus JXD981 supports MP3, WMA, WAV, APE and 2SD1834 Suppliers and FLAC music formats, and support synchronous lyrics. In addition, sound recordings, e-book reader, picture browser, FM radio, calendar and other functions JXD981 have a non-pull in the bag. Functional details, Venus JXD981 can set background music, set e-book bookmarks, support for image magnification, browsing, auto play and other functions, the operation is more humane.

2SD1834 Price

ASUS mainly for laptop users this XonarU1 design, I believe that many products used laptop users will sound its bad bad impression, XonarU1 can solve this problem. In addition, for those who do not want to install the sound card or open a desktop with multiple graphics cards as well as placement of the sound card there is no room for desktop users, XonarU1 is also a good choice.

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