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Ic 2SJ512

Recently, the first encryption, "China chip" - WT6205 baseband / MAC chip, developed, and IC 2SJ512 and will meet with the audience at Cobo. Information security is a matter of major issues of national interest. The wireless local area network happens very vulnerable in terms of safety, to prevent intercepted data transmission, control of both the encryption initiative, China has been committed to the development of wireless local area networks with independent intellectual property core chip development. The WT6205 baseband / MAC chip, developed by Beijing Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., the Departments first full hardware support for China WAPI2.0 Encryption Standard Wantong 5 chip, with the exception Wantong 4 main modules (MAC, BBP, ADC / DAC and RFInterface) all the features, the chip embedded in WAPI2.0 hardware encryption module with full support for Chinas independent intellectual property rights WAPI encryption. It is based on WT4 chip platform for low-power design for further products, the WT4 the AD module and baseband module design is optimized. The chip in addition to all the interfaces inherited WT4 things, SPI interface, a set of extensions to improve the compatibility of the chip on the RF module, so that the chip has a broader application area. The exhibition will not only have physical display, there will be wireless transmission technology based on wireless transmission of digital photo frame presentation. In addition, Liugewantong March 2007 R & D transformation can be applied to two-way HFC cable to lower frequency WLAN chipset "Wantong EoC (EthernetoverCable)" will also be on display at the exhibition, exhibitors will also use laptop instead of TV to provide live demonstrations for the audience to observe the experience. It is understood that the chipset will greatly facilitate two-way HFC digital transformation and development of triple play applications.

2SJ512 Suppliers

As the mobile Internet era, the consumer-oriented phone from design, turning mobile content and 2SJ512 Suppliers and applications, smart phones definitely the future. Almost all mobile phone manufacturers have recognized this. "The official said.

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Obviously, the cattle party contract hire plan for iPhone4 bare land sales after the unpacking is not possible. For ordinary individuals, the new policy had little impact on ordinary users, because the survey shows that the contract plan for off-grid iPhone4 normal individuals rarely, not to go to scalpers to unpacking sales.

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