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Ic 2SK1082

However, IM FLASH lead is still fragile and IC 2SK1082 and fleeting. Depends not only on the cost of NAND die size, but also on productivity and yield, IM FLASH skip directly to the 30nm 45nm process technology, the success of mass production will be a very serious challenge. In addition, competitors are also planned for this mature 40nm process, enter the 30nm technology era in the next year.

2SK1082 Suppliers

From the Bank of China also of strategic analysts to provide financial support for emerging industries, the key is to promote and 2SK1082 Suppliers and implement effective financial innovation. After all, the banks still preferred means of mortgage loans, especially as environmental protection and new materials have been little to mortgage companies. Bank credit to achieve effective support for emerging industries, either the bank employees in emerging industries of strategic awareness and improve the judge should have the second is related to emerging industries of strategic enterprises innovate and explore the form of loans. Concern is that the State Department stressed that support for new industries to play a strategic multi-level capital market financing capabilities, to develop venture capital and equity investment funds. "This means that the effective integration of financial resources, while actively developing indirect financing to improve the direct financing to support emerging industries of strategic power." Tian Guo Yong, said: "This is very important and practical significance ."### # # In the interview with this reporter, the Central University of Finance and the China Banking Research Center, Guo Tian Yong said: "The development of strategic new industry can not be around the herd, as the seven strategic emerging industries, how to prevent them from resorting to traditional industries repeated the old building is no doubt an urgent need to consider the current government, but also financial institutions, risk prevention must face. the one hand, government should strengthen the organizational leadership and coordination for the preparation of national strategic development plan of new industries to develop industry guidance catalog, optimize regional distribution, the formation of distinctive, complementary advantages, structured pattern of coordinated development of strategic new industry; the other hand, by financial regulators to strengthen policy guidance, risk disclosure, information services, operating instructions, field inspection measures to effectively promote the transformation of the mode of economic development, the prevention of financial risks ."

2SK1082 Price

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