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Ic 2SK1221

Qi international standards the development and IC 2SK1221 and publishing, electronic equipment, interoperable open up a new field, you will help Chinas consumer electronics companies to the market and provide users with new low-power, high-compatible wireless charging devices. As the wireless industrys only technology standard charge, Qi wireless charging standards, including interface definitions, performance requirements, the certification test three components, only the certified products to allow the use of Qi logo. Authorization to obtain Qi, the phone manufacturers to integrate wireless power-to-end product, the semiconductor industry can be implanted chip wireless charging capabilities, infrastructure providers even in hotel rooms and office equipment to install this wireless charging device. Can be said that consumers anytime, anywhere, easily and quickly bring products to enjoy the infinite easy Qi.

2SK1221 Suppliers

t is understood that the three new safety and 2SK1221 Suppliers and the launch of four, one high-power GaN-based light-emitting diode chip, the successful development of new products, the company became the only one with independent intellectual property rights, from the extension to chip production business, this new package into a single lamp lights up white 120lm, efficiency of 100lm / W, higher than the national street 80lm / W requirements, the product has passed the relevant lamp test; second GaN-based ultra-light-emitting diodes light (white) chips, the new package into the white light power of up to 110lm / W, can be widely used flat panel televisions, notebook computers, backlight, the field of semiconductor lighting and other high-end; third GaAs ultra bright red LEDs chip, the product is mainly used for outdoor displays, automobile taillights, lighting and other fields, the packaged optical power can reach 60lm / W; Fourth GaAs ultra bright yellow-green light-emitting diode chip, the product die around the 80mcd , mainly used for color display, LCD backlight and other fields.

2SK1221 Price

ViewSonic brand as a display line, introduced earlier this year a series of new products, promote its advocacy of the wide color gamut, LED backlight and 2SK1221 Price and other concepts, attracted a lot of the concerns of consumers. A 22-inch VX2240wm is in its high-end products, with its stylish appearance and 2ms, 4000:1 maintain mainstream performance has been pretty good sales. The display also did not withstand the recent market pressures, prices fell sharply to 400 yuan, the current cost just 1480 yuan, cost is very considerable.

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