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In fact, for home or student users, the quality of multimedia speakers is very important, after all, movies, songs, games, etc. are also often too, so even if we budget is not high, nor should it jump to "only voice," even if the speaker, even low-cost, equally fine.

4410 Suppliers

With the popularity of digital SLR cameras, the user's needs have become diversified. In the end for photography enthusiasts to shoot models have higher performance requirements. All along, the Canon according to market demand for professional photographers for the peak of the EOS-1D series, prepared for the photography enthusiasts EOS50D/EOS5DMarkII, prepared for entry-level users EOS500D, by the different levels of the majority of users. This time, Canon response to many photographers want a more challenging high-performance camera, the voice of a higher difficulty of photography and 4410 Suppliers and professional photographers want to have a higher performance and size of the camera with the EOS50D similar requirements have been issued with photo enthusiasts and professional photographers a high evaluation of both 35mm full-frame models in the end of a fever "EOS5DMarkII" the same level, the new APS-C size fast speed flagship model EOS7D. With improved quality, focus accuracy requirements become more stringent, EOS7D with the central eight-double cross, all 19:00 cross-type AF system. In addition, up to 8 frames / second continuous shooting speed, even for the attention of sports photographers, the shutter timing is also very satisfying. EOS7D not only in the camera specifications, the texture is also very particular about the feel and the camera shutter sound has also been redesigned to take full account of the fun and have a sense of satisfaction. EOS7D can bring not only a beautiful picture of the camera, or a use of a new technology, with high performance and good texture, through vision, touch and hearing to feel a Canon APS-C size Top Model to meet the different needs of many users.

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