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Ic 4572

Big Three memory as one of the computer, no matter what type of Internet cafes, which are required not only guaranteed sale price, but also in stability and IC 4572 and compatibility also have a kind of call and Crafts, as Internet cafes are basically 24 hours a day, stability is very important memory, the memory directly affects the performance of machine performance, but also the speed of large-scale online games to play important role in relations, so in terms of Internet cafes, excellent compatibility and stability to buy memory products is the truth .

4572 Suppliers

According to the Chengdu Daily reported, central and 4572 Suppliers and western regions of Chinas first 8-inch wafer fab - Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Chengdu into the core 8-inch chip plant (hereinafter referred to as core) first off the assembly line and proven successful wafer to normal shipping standards marks in the IC industry chain in the core of the chip manufacturing sector, Chengdu achieve a "zero" breakthrough. This is the second Intel, SMIC, the core source located in Chengdu, the Chengdu another milestone in the development of IC industry progress. Midwests first 8-inch fab in Chengdu governments superior resources and SMIC in human resources, technology, marketing and other management advantages of a complete docking. After a year of preparation, last December, settling the Western high-tech zone of Chengdu Export Processing Zone into the core plant built and the equipment commissioning and trial production. As of May 21, as a total plant output of 140-core chip verification, through testing, the average yield of 89.46%, to set SMIC Semiconductor yield normal shipping standards, which will soon mark the entry into the cell factory wafer production stage. The first "Chengdu-made" off the assembly line also marks the wafer located in Chengdu, the core of the chip IC industry chain, the manufacturing sector, to achieve a "zero" breakthrough. In addition, as the core 8-inch wafers into series of 0.35-micron IC power trial production in April this year, mass production is expected in early August, and 0.30-micron high-voltage devices and other products from the trial production this month, is expected to end as the core plant capacity will reach 13,000 per month. It is reported that plant into the core of the wafer will be mainly used in DVD, set-top boxes and other common household appliances in the core components. SMIC also revealed that the responsible person, as the core factory 8-inch chip production plant Phase II "environmental impact report," has recently been assessed through the National Center for Environmental Engineering expert technical review.

4572 Price

4. In the pilot demonstration of the process, should be organized to promote the reliability and 4572 Price and the reliability of the design of production management pilot promotion, to accelerate the maturity of the product process. Specifically designated by the organization department research units, enterprises and jointly responsible for promoting the inspection and monitoring units.

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