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Last weekend, even behind the plasma camp, Sichuan Changhong launched the first domestic high-profile super-size 103-inch plasma TV. May this year at the Beijing High-Tech, Panasonic had to move to 103-inch plasma display, but the price up to 88 million yuan. Changhong launched the first domestically produced the worlds largest 103-inch plasma TV, after its price by the industrys attention. Sichuan Changhong AG (600839.SH) General Manager Liu Bin introduced the body, which is full HD plasma, plasma, 200 million pixel resolution is equivalent to twice the conventional definition, life is also up to 60,000 hours, priced at about 680,000 yuan so. Meanwhile, Changhong has also introduced the markets smallest 32-inch plasma TVs, coupled with already marketed 42,50,65 inch TV, Changhong has taken the lead early in the domestic counterparts to complete the full range of 32-103 inches full size plasma TV layout.

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July 1, the worlds top maker of flat panel display products, LG Electronics announced its A3 plasma display panel production line to "get directions" technology. This improvement will make LG Electronics PDP monthly growth of 22% of total production, rose to 440,000 from 360,000, the production line than the A1 before the cut-off total production even more. Currently, the decision was July 2 officially implemented. LG Electronics said, "get directions" technology from a single glass substrate cutting eight plasma panels, rather than the current six, which will increase its PDP production capacity to the maximum. LG Electronics Digital Display Company CEO Simon Kang said, "To meet the growing demand for plasma panel, LG Electronics will produce the highest efficiency, especially in the second half of this year." "This is only our production system to enhance the efficiency of ongoing part of the campaign. in the future, LG Electronics will join with other plasma manufacturers to promote the development of core technologies such as plasma, the plasma industry to strive for greater competitive advantage. "It is understood that, for LG Electronics" get directions "PDP production of glass substrates is also will be increased in size to 1,956 mm x 2,200 mm, while the previously used "six sides to take" process of the glass substrate size of 1,956 mm x 1,650 mm. Obviously, LG Electronics to enhance the efficiency of the strategy include not only close down older, less efficient production lines, but also need to upgrade the production capacity of each production line. In addition, LG Electronics revealed that at present its 32-inch plasma panel mass production than the supply of Chinese enterprises, but also provide to the United States, Europe, Taiwan and 4N37 Suppliers and South Koreas manufacturers, 32 inch plasma TVs prospects has been the global flat-panel manufacturers unanimously approved . As the ongoing focus on promoting high-end display products as part of measures, LG Electronics has recently started mass production of 50-inch full HD plasma TV. According to Display Search predicts 07 plasma panel demand is expected to continue to rise, from 2.3 million the first quarter of the second quarter rose to 270 million in the third quarter, fourth quarter of 320 million and 400 million.

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assport security chips for use in China (SLE 66CLX800PE) In the resolution, large-size TFT-LCD stripping operations, the listed company * ST BOE (000725) is the first half profit, profit from it because the LCD panel prices to rise. Before this, some shareholders have said the large-size TFT-LCD business will be profitable soon, and 4N37 Price and executives of listed companies is difficult to believe that short-term profits, so 4-6 months if the LCD panel business to become profitable in focus. Prior to this Ministry of Information Industry announced the top hundred enterprises of electronic business data in the survey in May, data communications, computer class enterprise faster growth rate, household appliances, slow business growth software category, where BOE is considered together with Lenovo successful turnaround of the two representatives, both raised the hundred profit growth 47.8 percentage points. But the BOE data are the Ministry of Information Industry yesterday expressed doubt, saying the company did not achieve the first 5 months deficits. BOE said in a statement, "to benefit from the TFT-LCD panel market average price in April 2007 to 6 months compared with the substantial recovery, and expansion of production scale and cost reduction." Interestingly, this part of the business was spun off it has the resolution of the LCD panel business. LCD panel business for 4-6 month profit reasons, the BOE believes that this is a short LCD panel prices bottom out, does not mean that the cycle industry in the long-term upward channel.

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