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Ic 74AC139SCX

Micrel Semiconductor (Micrel) increased 4 frequency can be divided into 3 and IC 74AC139SCX and 5, the clock frequency of the clock divider. SY89228/229 is fail safe input (FSI) features 1GHz LVPECL / LVDS dividers, SY89230/231 is 3.2Hz LVPECL / LVDS dividers. Target applications include pre-conditioning functions, PLL pulse generation and distribution, RF transmitters and wireless base stations. All devices are now mass production, the price is $ 2.69, 1,000 minimum. At the same time, you can still get a free evaluation board.

74AC139SCX Suppliers

R & S FSG for a variety of applications, such as laboratory research and 74AC139SCX Suppliers and development, production and product certification testing. It can support a variety of mobile communication standards such as: GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000 ? 1xRTT, TD-SCDMA, HSPA, Bluetooth ?, WLAN, or WiMAX. R & S FSGs I / Q demodulation bandwidth of 28MHz, while a high dynamic range (for example: 1dB compression point - shows the average noise level (DANL) = 170dB), and vector signal analysis. These characteristics make FSG R & D laboratories of modern ideal. Meanwhile, R & S spectrum and signal analyzers can be customized to a user operating concept development based on new mobile communications standards.

74AC139SCX Price

China International Exhibition of Information and 74AC139SCX Price and Communications (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing Communications Exhibition) is the maximum size of the communication organized the exhibition, our most cutting-edge communications technology and mobile terminals will be on display at the show. Telecommunications Exhibition 2010, Beijing International Exhibition Center in Beijing (Old Building) held, this exhibition integration of many international and domestic brands of cutting-edge mobile phones and communications products. SAN FRANCISCO mobile channel, 3G Channel sent a professional team of in-depth reports to show the front, through video, pictures, text, all-round display in various forms, we will be three-dimensional, comprehensive coverage of all angles of the show for everyone to bring first-hand information, so that We can stay at home "immersive." More than

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