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unit DisplsySearch according to market research statistics, Sharp in the past few years with minor slower expansion of production capacity in Taiwan manufacturers, the large-size panel shipments in the rankings, even behind Taiwans Chunghwa Picture Tubes and IC 74ACT74SCX and other companies, basically did not break into the top 5 manufacturers list. But the second quarter of this year, Sharp returned to 6.6% market share, ranking No. 5. Operating temperature range is -40 ~ +125 ℃. Package, the use of the area of the small size of 6mm × 6mm 40-pin QFN. Purchase 10,000 a reference price of 1.99 dollars. Also provide free software stack, protocol stack, reference designs and sample applications.

74ACT74SCX Suppliers

Power supply voltage is +2 ~ 3.6V. Current consumption, the receiver (the micro-controller idle state) to 25mA, sent (transmit power is 0dBm, micro-controller to idle state) to 28.5mA. available in three low-power mode. The first one is 4μs startup mode, consumption current of 0.2mA. The second is the work of only the timer mode, consumption current of 1μA. The third is only react to external interrupt mode, current consumption is 0.5μA .

74ACT74SCX Price

addition to supporting the ZigBee transceiver, but also equipped with 8bit microcontroller core, "8051", save the program to use the flash, 5-channel DMA (directmemory access) , 23 General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) terminal, Terminal 2 USART, SPI interfaces, I2C interface, and 74ACT74SCX Price and four timers (Timer). ZigBee transceivers receive sensitivity is-97dBm. Transmit power in burst mode up to +7 dBm, the normal maximum working hours 4.5dBm. Transmit power can be programmed. The company said "This is the same as the highest-performance LSI transceiver." Integrated conservation program of the flash memory used varies by product type, with 64KB and 96KB two. RAM terms of capacity, 64KB models for 4KB, 96KB model 6KB .

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