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Ic 74F00PC

PageNext>Renesas Technology Corporation (Renesas) announced R8C/33T series of 16 - bit MCU, which is first introduced by Renesas for capacitive touch sensor chip sensor control unit * 1 the product, its target applications include white goods (such as IH cooking heater) switch and IC 74F00PC and mobile devices (cell phones and portable music players) operating key. The product was in October 2009 samples on sale in Japan.

74F00PC Suppliers

Comments: R8C/33T Series MCU product is the first integration of Renesas R8C series of prestigious high-performance, low-power 16-bit MCU features and 74F00PC Suppliers and advanced on Omron touch sensor technology, capacitive touch sensor circuit chip products. The use of single-chip design help to reduce system size, reduced power consumption and improved noise immunity. It also helps reduce system development time.

74F00PC Price

DI RF IC products, the company covers the entire RF signal chain ADI companies use a variety of design skills, system understanding and 74F00PC Price and a unique combination of technology and introduction of Radio Frequency IC cover the entire RF signaling link. These products integrate industry-leading high-performance RF modules, and provides a highly integrated WiMAX and short-range single-chip transceiver solutions. RF function blocks include direct digital synthesizers (DDS), phase-locked loop synthesizers (PLL); TruPwr (TM) RF power detectors and logarithmic amplifiers, X-AMP (R) variable gain amplifier (VGA);-power amplifier (PA), low-noise amplifier (LNA) and other RF amplifiers, mixers, and direct conversion modulator and demodulator products.

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