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Ic 74F125

"MEMS ASIC and IC 74F125 and MEMS sensor includes two units, they need to work closely together to complete the corresponding function." Von Hubertus further explained, "but because of its physical not the same principle, the definition of the two units (Spec), design, and even manufacturing are carried out separately. and in the process of delivery to the packaging factory after the general shape, and finally undergo a rigorous calibration (Calibrate) until after delivery to customers ." Gartner released in mid-December last in the semiconductor industry is expected to have projected the global semiconductor industry revenue in 2009 fell to 16%. Since then the deterioration of the semiconductor industry.

74F125 Suppliers

Currently in China, nearly one third of the automotive electronics engineers are committed to the development of automotive infotainment systems, which will undoubtedly prove that car audio is still a worthy car MCU manufacturers concerned about the hot market. According to 2006 data, used in car audio MCU and 74F125 Suppliers and the overall market share reached 22.3%. NEC Electronics to seize this market opportunity, introduced the current market, more and more compressed format for music media (MP3, WMA, AAC) needs of the latest design of car audio solutions. The program, NEC quoted a dedicated audio chip - known as "AudioEngine" the μPD63901, it uses the CPU + DSP dual-core structure, with on the MP3, WMA, AAC and other decoding functions, and provides a USB- connectivity, can support USB memory, portable player, iPod connectivity, USB connectivity requirements for car audio systems. SAN FRANCISCO Feb. 26 morning, according to foreign media reports, the authority of the research firm Gartner said on Wednesday that the financial crisis, the global semiconductor industry revenue in 2009 will drop to 194.5 billion U.S. dollars, down 24.1%, close to the record rate of decline.

74F125 Price

According to renowned research institutions Prismark latest forecast market growth in 2009, due to the global economic recession in 2009, electronic systems will increase the overall decline of -13.7%, PCB market growth this year, revised down to -16.4%, even more, all applications are a comprehensive range of recession more than -15%, forecast the economy is expected to gradually improve until next year.

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