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Ic 74F182PC

[ Name] Nokia E71 [Reference price] 2320 yuan (Hong Kong version) [business name] IQ digital [sales phone] Beijing 010-82699609/13391885767 [ Buy address] Ding Hao Building, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, basement B1026

74F182PC Suppliers

Charles Dickens in "Tale of Two Cities", wrote "This is the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the winter of despair, which is the spring of hope." For MediaTek Chairman Tsai Ming Kai, this remark applies equally to describe the 2008, 2009, and 74F182PC Suppliers and international phone MediaTek chip industrys situation.

74F182PC Price

Altera Corp. has announced that its low-cost development kits ArriaGXFPGA after the initial submission by the PCI-SIGs compliance tests. AlteraArriaGXFPGA with AlteraPCIExpressx4MegaCore intellectual property (IP) functions, composition of the industrys lowest cost PCI-SIG-compliant development kits. Development kit for designers communications, storage, computing, industrial, medical and 74F182PC Price and consumer applications PCIExpress (PCIe), SerialRapidIO (SRIO) and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) solutions provide the ideal platform. PCIe form factor card with low-cost development kit is ArriaGXFPGA ArriaGXFPGA high-speed serial interface to the most comprehensive design, development and test environment. Louie Leung, Altera director of marketing, said: "Our strategy is not only through the compatibility test in the first round, and, using our proven and reliable low-cost ArriaGXFPGA on transceiver technology, and effectively improve the performance margin. Performance improved significantly reduces board layer circuit board kit number will be reduced to 6 of its unprecedented level, directly reduce the customers system costs. on the basis of these achievements, we have further strengthened the commitment to its customers - for PCIExpressx1 and x4, SerialRapidIO and Gigabit Ethernet design of the lowest risk, lowest-cost FPGA system solutions. "ArriaGXFPGA optimized to support up to 2.5Gbps of PCIe, GbE and SRIO standards. These standards in a variety of markets and applications quickly become the mainstream protocol. ArriaGX family include the proven StratixIIGX transceiver technology, enabling superior signal integrity of the flip-chip packages, software tools and proven IP cores and so on. Altera feature-rich, flexible PCIExpressMegaCoreIP x1 and x4 endpoint applications support. In addition to ArriaGX Series FPGA, the kernel can also be used in this PCIExpressIP Cyclone series, Stratix series and HardCopy series. Availability information is now available for sale ArriaGXFPGA, by Altera distributors worldwide. Distributors can also order from ArriaGXFPGA Altera development kit, catalog price of $ 995.

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