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Ic 74F245

2009 the first half of the computer, consumer, network communications category still accounts for three major areas of power management IC market in China for nearly 80% market share, of which type of markets largest network communications, the market share of more than 30 %. from the development rate, in previous years, the fastest growing automotive electronic power management chip market there have been 8.6% decline, while the network traffic class power management chip market, although there have been some decline, but because of Chinas 3G market driven, the market is only 3.8% of the decline occurred, application of all areas of power management chip area of the smallest decline .

74F245 Suppliers

While Chinas domestic manufacturers on the extent of the financial crisis to be slightly better than these international IDM companies, but Chinas domestic manufacturers more design companies, relatively narrow product line, but mostly in the low-end products, due to sluggish semiconductor market in recent years and 74F245 Suppliers and manufacturers to compete more and more Chinas domestic power management chip design companys products are also being squeezed profits, coupled with the impact of declining market, many domestic manufacturers are more difficult development. the next few years, Chinas competitive power management chip market will have a larger pattern of change . Foreign manufacturers will still continue to market and technology advantages .

74F245 Price

the current power management chip market Bacheng IDM companies are more occupied, the market basically did not change the competitive landscape is still dominated by foreign manufacturers, but all of these companies belong to IDM companies, including TI, NS, Fairchild Semiconductor, ON Semiconductor, ST, Maxim and 74F245 Price and Linear Technology, etc. These foreign firms are still in the market and technology account for a large advantage. But the first half of 2009, these international companies have suffered a huge blow to the financial statements from the point of view, as of the first quarter, TIs analog business year fell 36%, NS year on year sales decline 39 %,

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