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Ic 74F373

and IC 74F373 and the rectifier bridge support, MT7200/MT7201 can be used in 12V, 24V, and 36V AC-powered LED lamps. MT7200/MT7201 few external components and up to 97% efficiency, is truly green driver IC. MT7200/MT7201 use of LED lights are widely used in the MR11, MR16, water, lights, street lamps and other LED lamps.

74F373 Suppliers

MT7201 with SOT89-5 package, the chip die can be directly connected to the package outside the metal plate heat, thermal conductivity is very effective. MT7201 Internal over-temperature protection feature set to ensure the system stable and 74F373 Suppliers and reliable work. When the chip temperature exceeds 165 ℃, IC over-temperature protection that will enter the state and stop the current output, and the temperature is below 145 ℃, re-restored to working condition. Meanwhile, the chip also open LED protection and current limiting circuit, such as multiple protection circuit, LED lights to ensure the normal working environment, extending its life. MT7200 its current relatively small, according to customer needs by SOT23-5 and SOT89-5 package.

74F373 Price

The chips use advanced system architecture, system efficiency, conversion efficiency up to 97%. MT7200 and 74F373 Price and MT7201 PWM dimming using two DC-voltage analog dimming technology. PWM dimming of high precision, compared with analog dimming, LED color does not appear the phenomenon of migration to meet the 100Hz ~ 500Hz (low frequency PWM) and above 10kHz (high frequency PWM) range from 0 to 100% dimming requirements. LED brightness is determined by the duty cycle of PWM signal. One, PWM dimming mode can be achieved in three ways, (1) the direct use of PWM signal control; (2) open collector / drain transistor with a PWM signal control; (3) produced by micro-controller, PWM signal control.

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