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Ic 74F38SCX

October 31, Huafeng E Road, Air officially opened stores in Baotou in Inner Mongolia, E Road route layout of the country's hundreds of stores plans to complete a historic step, northwest of the E Road, Air users can enjoy more easily from this brand dedicated service. Over the years, GPS has always been biased towards the service industry and IC 74F38SCX and other coastal cities in the Southeast, and Northwest Area, although in recent years the majority of the rapid development of mainland cities has been neglected by the major brands. E Road, Air header completed store will not only make the products of the region greatly improved after-sales service and more service to the mainland to the GPS-depth development of the industry made a good head.

74F38SCX Suppliers

Austriamicrosystems has announced the AS1710 operational amplifier. The op amp +2.7 V to +5.5 V single supply, the output voltage swing of 100mV can be achieved within the power output can be sinking or sourcing 50mA current. Common in a variety of applications to support a large load transient, such as audio amplification applications, and 74F38SCX Suppliers and to provide more than 200mA peak current. The device also features 10MHz unity gain bandwidth and slew rate 10V/μs. AS1710 is not only high output drive capability, along with low power consumption austriamicrosystems, requiring only 1.6mA of supply current, shutdown mode (AS1710B) supply current is only 1nA. Austriamicrosystems Business Unit Marketing Director Standard Linear WalterMoshammer said: "AS1710 typical input bias current of only 50pA, so it is suitable for low power and high impedance sensors." AS1710 6-pin SC70 package suitable for -40 ℃ to +125 ℃ in the work environment.

74F38SCX Price

It is understood that foreign investment in the city credited into account, was recognized as the national high-tech projects encouraged by the amount of $ 33,940,000 credited into account, representing the actual to the city account for 56.4% of the total foreign investment.

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