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Ic 74HC125D

Power and IC 74HC125D and Power Electronics Technology is included in the AC voltage transformation technology, is a "pure" electronic transformer, can also become a high pressure to low pressure boost transform, or to step down high voltage into low voltage conversion, the main method is the use of power electronics technology to improve power conversion frequency, thereby reducing the circuit size of transformers and inductors, which is not the abolition of transformers and inductor

74HC125D Suppliers

Another notable development in recent years, the trend is the choice of the temperature index, high heat levels 180 and 74HC125D Suppliers and 220 polyester-imide enameled wire Polyimide QZY QYZ enameled wire, wire allows the current density, wire diameter reduction, reduced copper, iron core window area reduction, while reducing the amount of iron, can reduce the overall cost. Especially for high frequency requirements of small low-power power transformer, the use of better heat-resistant enameled wire, show better technical and economic benefits.

74HC125D Price

Now, China is developing electronic transformer for power in a variety of aluminum wire. Some enterprises have developed copper clad aluminum wire, copper wire in the outer layer, accounting for 15% of the area, the total proportion of the 3.63g/cm3, consider the trend effect and 74HC125D Price and proximity effect form, this copper clad aluminum wire resistivity than pure aluminum wire will be small number, but costs much, is a full play the effect of copper and aluminum composite material.

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