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Ic 74HC139A

"strongly resist unilateral U.S. Department of Commerce to relax restrictions on exports of sensitive technology to China that the United States effectively communicate with China through legal means, to strengthen cooperation in high-tech cooperation on the technology industry. "Wang Xinpei said. Under the plan, they can get a lot of convenience, can not special authorization to purchase restricted list of products.

74HC139A Suppliers

most of the people in the industry point of view is the traditional TV set-top box display technology providers and 74HC139A Suppliers and networking technology providers to provide better integration between programs. "I want to do business main display technologies on the Internet, the effect is not necessarily ideal. Conversely, the main Internet technology professional to do the TV companies did not need to end." Lui, DVN, chairman of the "China Electronics News ", told reporters that" The best way is to combine the two really. Most of the characteristics embodied in the set-top box software, focused on the characteristics of the TV appearance and image quality. In fact, both of which can be said to be a camp. Let the traditional TV manufacturers get the support of Internet technology companies, while Internet technology companies can also sell the terminal through the TV, so their software has a new extension model, so that the two eventually form a Overall ."

74HC139A Price

As of 2004, the national IC design enterprises group total registered capital of 61.9 billion yuan; total of 1.59 million employees, of which R & D staff accounted for 68.4%. They are mainly distributed in four regions of the seven national IC design industry bases in the State.

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