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Ic 74HC14N

investor liquidity crunch, coupled with market demand, changes in the case by the Spanish grants, the financial turmoil and IC 74HC14N and the effect of the traditional low season, the previous high-profile companies to expand production capacity of solar also have to reduce capacity expansion goals, and many financing plan did not succeed, funds are not sufficient to manufacturers, forced to low sales, but to the rare short-term price decline in recent years.

74HC14N Suppliers

Consumer of car navigation equipment and 74HC14N Suppliers and Global Positioning System (GPS) the continued high demand. According to iSuppli forecasts, car navigation systems in 2012 will reach 6,510 million units shipped, compared with 1,980 million in 2006 to triple. EILCompanyLtd. Southern Region Sales Director, said Jiang Yong Bin, infotainment systems will be Chinas automotive semiconductor market, the most popular applications for the automotive market, GPS and video systems in the next few years will grow very quickly, while the GPS is expected to become even standard car. Of course, the 4th quarter of 2008, along with the financial crisis hit, all available funds are professional investment institutions were affected, if not quite grasp, basically rather conservative , watching the pair, is also reluctant to vote money.

74HC14N Price

means the electronic innovations as the transistor, LED means that innovation in the field of photonics. According to two professors point of view, LED power required for traditional light bulbs is only 1 / 20, is a fluorescent lamp 1 / 5. Kim pointed out that, LED is to the traditional lighting technologies, like transistors in the vacuum tube as the beginning of a transistor is simply a substitute for vacuum tubes, but is derived from integrated circuit (IC) revolution; the LED is the same, only the beginning alternative to the traditional light bulb, the future will be derived from integrated, with different lighting functions, like transistors on the impact of IC technology.

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