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Ic 74HC4060D

It is understood, OLED flat panel display technology represents another present a new path of development. According to the field of professional display industry research firm Display Searchs analysis, the next 5 to 10 years is the OLED technology and IC 74HC4060D and market demand has begun to mature stage of rapid growth. Currently, Samsung, LG, SONY, etc., and RiTdisplay Taiwan more than 30 domestic universities and research institutes are engaged in research and development, including Samsung, SONY and other companies have mass production. reported a Foxconn International Asia income $ 1,433,000,000, down 33.4%; American revenues $ 1,106,000,000, down 19.62%; the most affected income of 622 million European market, up sharply 50.7%.

74HC4060D Suppliers

successful businesses will realize substantial profits and 74HC4060D Suppliers and thrive, while the less companies will usher in the opposite fate. , iSuppli believes that the bad luck that moves the wrong business at the moment, may be left behind, always be to maintain a smaller market share, but a comeback is unlikely. according to figures released by Foxconn International, the global mobile phone shipments fell 14.75% year on year, far exceeding earlier this year, IDC expects the declining rate of 9% .

74HC4060D Price

Reliability refers to the use of specific conditions, the electronic transformer can work to life so far. General conditions of use of electronic transformers the greatest impact is the ambient temperature. Decisions affected by temperature, intensity of electronic transformer parameters are soft magnetic materials the Curie point. Soft magnetic materials with high Curie point, little affected by temperature; soft magnetic materials, the Curie point is low, more sensitive to temperature changes, affected by temperature. For example, the Curie point of Mn-Zn ferrite is only 215 ℃, low, magnetic flux density, permeability and 74HC4060D Price and loss changes with the temperature, in addition to the normal temperature of 25 ℃ inside out, but also gives the 60 ℃, 80 ℃, 100 ℃, the various parameters of the data. Therefore, the Mn-Zn ferrite core working temperature is generally limited to below 100 ℃, which is the ambient temperature is 40 ℃, the temperature must be below 60 ℃. Co-based amorphous alloy Curie point is 205 ℃, is also low, with temperature limits below 100 ℃. Fe-based amorphous alloy, the Curie point of 370 ℃, can be 150 ℃ ~ 180 ℃ the following use. High permeability permalloy Curie point of 460 ℃ to 480 ℃, can be 200 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ the following use. Nanocrystalline ceramics Curie point is 600 ℃, oriented silicon steel Curie point 730 ℃, can be 300 ℃ ~ 400 ℃ for use. 28 days, Foxconn International release earnings during the first half of this year, first half of the income of 3.162 billion U.S. dollars Foxconn International, down 34%, loss of $ 18,700,000, while profit of 142 million a year earlier.

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