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Ic 74HC4538A

The chip standard and IC 74HC4538A and high-speed SD interface protocol standards, as well as MiniSD, MMC and uSD / TransFlash standards. New features include an advanced ESD protection circuit, high EMI filtering circuit and pullup / pulldown resistors, which ESD protection circuit to protect the exposed external memory card slot, EMI filter circuit is used to prevent RF interference data lines , pull and pull-down resistor to prevent floating data lines. ESD protection circuit card side to meet the stringent IEC61000-4-2 of the four standards of protection, that is, air discharge 15kV. EMI filter operating frequency 800MHz to 3GHz, at 1GHz frequency, the attenuation more than 20dB.

74HC4538A Suppliers

Intelligent video market in 2013 is expected to reach 46 billion U.S. dollars, based on this, the new intelligent video technology developers need for processing platform, to build a surveillance video mode automatically and 74HC4538A Suppliers and the application of body language, and with audio can make intelligent decisions and alerts to reduce the chance of error. Currently this technology has the full high-definition video and up to 60 frames per second frame rate direction, but video analysis processor by the system processor composed of multi-chip solution also difficult under the provisions of image processing power budget and advanced analysis capabilities to provide adequate computing power.

74HC4538A Price

8 Yue 22 Japanese industry sources said, because access to the large number of orders for HP and 74HC4538A Price and Acer, Quanta Computer is expected in 2008 will remain the worlds largest notebook computer manufacturers of the position. Industry sources said the July to September is usually recognized notebook computer manufacturers and customers in order the second time. Next year the situation is becoming increasingly clearer. Quanta won the next year to provide 400 million HP 15.4-inch mainstream laptop most of the orders. Quanta Computer Acer also co-produces four models of notebook computers, including a 12.1-inch business notebook, and a Aspire consumer notebook computer. Notebook computer manufacturers in the second half of 2007 the market is very optimistic. Quanta Computer, Compal, Wistron and others have increased shipments of notebook computers is expected. Quanta predicted early in the second quarter, which notebook shipments in 2007 goal is 25 million units. Later, Quanta Computer to the target to 2,800 million units, and now light up the target computer again increased to 3,000 million units. Compal to 2007, notebook shipments are expected from the original forecast of 20 million units increased to 2,200 million units. Wistron to notebook shipments in 2007 from the original goal of 1105 million units forecast up to 1200 million units. Quanta Computer, the Apple MacBook laptop thanks to orders from Asustek transferred to it, and a 13.3-inch notebook computer Apples exclusive vendor. Acer 12.1-inch notebook orders also contributed to light up the computer the second quarter of revenue growth. Second half of 2007 Compal notebook shipments growth mainly depends on the order Dell and Toshiba. Wistron major production this year, 13.3-inch Dell XPS consumer notebooks, Lenovo 3000V100 consumers Acer Aspire laptop and notebook computers. Wistron is expected to be 14.1-inch Acer next year, 15.4-inch and 17-inch Aspire notebook orders.

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