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Ic 74HC595

"Today, please talk about less than, less about the advantages of all you know, its attitude," which is Hanwang Technology chairman Liu Yingjian electronic paper book in the HW User Exchange (Beijing Railway Station), and IC 74HC595 and to Participants said that the first sentence of user representatives. October 22 afternoon, the Beijing Railway Station Exchange will be held on the user to listen to each user's speech, in-depth exchanges with the user is holding this series of seminars Hanwang Technology thrust. Expression of faith in Mr. Liu came straight after the atmosphere of the meeting immediately active again.

74HC595 Suppliers

Again, the analysis and 74HC595 Suppliers and CDMA1X under the GPRS network, GPRS is the leading China Mobile 2.5 generation mobile communication network, now many mobile phones can support the network, use it to browse the web, send multimedia messages, ring tones and so on are all playing often do. The network has a two-way communication features, bandwidth is large enough, both rural and urban basic are covered, predictable pricing advantage is obvious, at present, only new Section GPS interactive navigation platform to choose it as a vehicle information service delivery channels. Both real-time car owners use it to receive various information services, but also to communicate with the background, voice navigation, upload data, assistance, consultation, very easy to transfer all the information can be completed within a few seconds. CDMA1X dominated by China Telecom, the same 2.5-generation network, with most of the features of GPRS.

74HC595 Price

First look at FM, FM is the FM radio, all cities have such a large number of broadcast channels, the owner often listen to music sets the traffic is, FM frequency modulation limited by the wavelength, generally only cover the urban areas to the suburbs or the field can not be received, even if reluctantly receive the signals have been very weak, and 74HC595 Price and FM is the one-way communication, do not have the upload capacity, in other words, two-way communication can not be achieved. If the owner of the terminal equipment is used to receive FM, you can only confined to the urban areas, the background of the unilateral transmission received by the service vehicle service information, because the FM bandwidth is narrow, within a certain time is very limited amount of data received can really enjoy the service are limited, nowadays very popular as a key navigation or voice navigation service is not complete. Currently, only a few manufacturers introduced the terminal using FM. Therefore, an FM service will only be used as a temporary channel, the future remains to be seen.

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