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Ic 74HC74A

2003, the Founder to 238 million acquisition of the production of multi-layer and IC 74HC74A and double-sided printed circuit board (PCB)-based multi-layer circuit Zhuhai Co., Ltd. and eventually have a 100% interest in its future, Founder PCB industry in additional investment, total investment is expected to exceed 1.4 billion.

74HC74A Suppliers

output increase. CLSA believes that weak external demand environment does not seem to result in slowing down Chinas polysilicon production plant. With the January LDK LDK Solar polysilicon projects first phase production line, Chinas annual polysilicon production capacity to 2 million tons, total output reached 663 tons per month, month by 34%, and 74HC74A Suppliers and the average capacity utilization climbed to 56%. Also despite the weak demand is expected to be the industrys main challenges in 2009, but the reality of CLSAs China research suggests that there is no indication of the polysilicon plant is to adjust their capacity expansion plans.

74HC74A Price

LED backlight modules used as a light source to replace the traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL), not only has the light power, small size, long life, low voltage, the advantages of quick start, along with concept of environmental protection. For notebooks, with different sizes depending on the processor, LCD panel, power consumption about one-third of the whole machine, the LED low power consumption, current use of LED backlighting NB the use of time can be extended more than 1.5 hours; and 74HC74A Price and LED light guide plate with thickness from 2mm down to 0.6mm (13.3-inch products), the thickness of the screen can be thinned, the whole weight will be reduced; the current CCFL each containing about 2mg of mercury, the use of LED as a light source can be to reduce mercury use. The use of RGB three-color hybrid white light, can provide better color saturation, color TV picture will be more vivid. LED can be dynamically controlled areas, in some areas off the black screen to enhance the contrast of light and shade, but also to power. The LED fast response, use the RGB tri-color LED with a fast response liquid crystal, can be used sequential color (Color Sequituonal), omit the use of color filters.

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