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Ic 74HCT00

[NEW YORK News Beijing August 4] LG launch of the "ice cream" series of mobile phones, after great acclaim, followed launched the "Cookie" series, adhere to the lovely line to go in the end. As a big play in last year's low-cost mobile phone Touch, LGKP500 week in business today, the price of telecommunications at only 1,099 yuan, like friends to act it !

74HCT00 Suppliers

Global light vehicle (light vehicle) production peaked in 2007, a total of 6,700 units, but in 2009 fell to 5,400 units, automotive semiconductors also synchronized downturn. India, China and 74HCT00 Suppliers and Brazil, the market expects strong growth in 2010, Europe, Japan and North America back to temperature, so that light vehicle production in 2010 point of 6,100 units, the output in 2017 was estimated at 8,500 million.

74HCT00 Price

For more information, please visit<>. National Semiconductor Corporation (NationalSemiconductorCorporation) (United States, NYSE: NSM) today introduced the industry's first dynamic voltage adjustment and 74HCT00 Price and output channels has a number of high-power LED driver. The controller is characterized by a string can drive up to 4 LED, LED drive current for each string of the same size, the error is very small and extremely efficient. The LM3464 controller model of the U.S. National Semiconductor PowerWise energy-efficient series, to maximize system efficiency, streamline system design, which reduces development costs, especially for applications that require extensive use of LED lighting drivers, such as industrial lighting, street and vehicle lighting systems.

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