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Ic 74HCT245

select the temperature control can be achieved by potentiometers W2. W2 can make it by adjusting the voltage in the middle of the first 0 - 1.65V range between the transformation temperature range corresponding to the control of 0 - 165 ℃, fully meet the heating needs of the general. Hit the switch K 2 position, potentiometer voltage W2 after the middle of the head after a voltage follower A header to the digital input to display the temperature control value.

74HCT245 Suppliers

output characteristics under the LM35 can see, when the temperature in the 0 - 150 ℃ between the transform, the corresponding output voltage 0 - 150V, the voltage W3 by the potentiometer divider and 74HCT245 Suppliers and sent to three half figures show the header (by the ICL7107 and the circuit) detection signal input. At the input when the input voltage is 150V, allows display by adjusting the potential value of 150.0, the adjusted digital meter displays the temperature value is the value measured.

74HCT245 Price

LM35 is an internal circuit integrated temperature sensor has been calibrated, the output voltage is proportional to Celsius temperature, linearity, high sensitivity, accuracy is moderate. The output sensitivity 10.0MV / ℃, accuracy of 0.5 ℃. The measurement range is -55 - 150 ℃. In the static self-heating effect in the low temperature (0.08 ℃). Wide operating voltage can be 4 - 20V supply voltage range of work, and 74HCT245 Price and most provincial power, operating current is generally less than 60uA. Low output impedance, when the load at the 1MA 0.1Ω.

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