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Ic 74HCT32

" the direction of optical "is the direction of Shenyang Northern Thai Holdings Limited subsidiary. In other words, the direction of North Thailand, "the direction of optical" the largest shareholder. In fact, "the direction of optical" Neijiang production sites in North Thailand direction is the direction through the acquisition of controlling a photovoltaics largest shareholder. The Shenyang North Thailand electronics manufacturing liquid crystal displays and IC 74HCT32 and special displays.

74HCT32 Suppliers

2008 in solar energy equipment market, driven by continued rapid growth of semiconductor equipment, semiconductor equipment sales in 2008 compared to 2007 increased by 56.8% to 2.39 billion , representing total sales of electronic equipment 48.9% (34.4% in 2007). Among them, the solar cell (materials and 74HCT32 Suppliers and solar cell) devices 1.766 billion yuan, accounting for the semiconductor equipment 81% of total sales, up 70.6%; semiconductor wafer materials and equipment 2.8 billion, accounting for sales of semiconductor equipment, 13% of the total , an increase of 9.8%; semiconductor device packaging and testing equipment 1.4 billion, accounting for total sales of semiconductor equipment, 6%, an increase of -40.7%.

74HCT32 Price

LED as the world's major producer, China's LED industry is booming at the occasion. However, the reality is the number of firms are numerous, but large-scale leading enterprises are limited. Mainly by private enterprises propped up the industry by many restrictions. At present, the development of China's LED production showed the South, the North proxy pattern, competition is very fierce. Production and 74HCT32 Price and marketing business to compete for market share, have playing the price war, who the lowest bidder, who will it be possible to survive.

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