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Ic 74HCT4066D

our point of view, the same power, that is the same wattage, high efficiency energy-saving lamp energy saving lamp brighter than normal. In theory, the general energy-saving lamp life is approximately 5000 hours, and IC 74HCT4066D and indoor LED lamp life of up to 5 million hours. In theory, 5 hours of electricity per day, its life up to 27 years.

74HCT4066D Suppliers

LED energy saving lights environmentally friendly energy saving lamps, as a revolutionary, change the previous energy-saving lamps contain toxic heavy metals pollution problems, more and 74HCT4066D Suppliers and long service life, to become the next generation of mainstream lighting products, but because of more expensive, At present few people interested.

74HCT4066D Price

by providing a dual mode (3G and 74HCT4066D Price and LTE) equipment, operators in the next five years will attract more and more LTE users by 2015 is expected to be exceeded 2 billion. Guangzhou Branch General Manager of Gome cluster that will be applied to different features LED light source of television products, "occupied multiple market segments, domestic color TV enterprises an important response to the homogenization of competition means competition ."

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