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6 2 April, SVA Electron (600602.SH) and IC 74LCX541MTCX and SVA Information (600637.SH) annual meeting held simultaneously. SVA Electron shareholders have passed a resolution to terminate the acquisition of SVA Optronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: SVA Optronics) the original equity asset restructuring program, but also by a resolution of broadcasting information to stop the sale of SVA Electron SVA Optronics shares.

74LCX541MTCX Suppliers

leader in electronic design automation SpringSoft, announced that its rules-driven (rule-based) automatic generation circuit (schematic diagram generator) granted a U.S. patent. This patent is SpringSoft Laker custom IC design all the seventh obtained U.S. patents. Confirmed these patents developed by SpringSoft Laker controllable automation layout technology does allow a large number of complex IC design engineers to avoid the trivial work, it can help produce the best results in the shortest time. This is the Laker custom IC design technology all the innovative and 74LCX541MTCX Suppliers and unique. Together with the latest available U.S. patent, SpringSoft developed Novas verification enhancement technology and full custom IC design technology Laker, has a total of more than 20 U.S. and Taiwan patents.

74LCX541MTCX Price

main features and 74LCX541MTCX Price and benefits: Keystones first multi-core architecture based on the generals C66x SoC, supports scalability and portability, not only to meet the macro-cell to the different needs of small units, but can also reduce product development costs; high-performance network co-processor for all standards L2 wireless base stations and transmission acceleration, in order to achieve core and radio network packet processing automation;

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