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Ic 74LS125AN

People are in constant pursuit of perfection, the requirements of the camera not only to look attractive, but also first-class performance, but also to high cost performance, the following, I will introduce a Bobble author of "Golden Flower" camera "Golden Flower" is the latest trendy digital Bobble-type digital camera products, creative designs and IC 74LS125AN and dazzling colors shine on, the practicality of the product with the perfect combination of visual impact, so that the camera Product is not simple is the functional products, but also from the desktop into the ranks of fashion jewelry.

74LS125AN Suppliers

from the thermal perspective, the Expo on the 2nd of cooling measures is also very well done, the standard CPU Air Guide , in line with the chassis design 38 degrees; after the board set aside a big fan 12CM bit, and 74LS125AN Suppliers and unique front panel vents heat dissipation more effective.

74LS125AN Price

place for most people, the hand-shake is caused by shooting one of the important reasons of failure. After the upgrade of the 18-55mmIS Set the lens with the Canon lens stabilization independent research and 74LS125AN Price and development unit, detected by the built-in gyro trembling of the hands, and according to the degree to accurately adjust the camera jitter internal optical components, to obtain clear images.

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