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Ic 74LS138N

It is reported that the memory manufacturer Corsair announced its entry into PC power supply market with the introduction of two power 520W and IC 74LS138N and 620W power supply - HX520W, HX620W. Power for more than two gaming enthusiast, workstation and file server configuration, the maximum output were 50amps (HX620W) and 40amps (HX520W). 620W and 520W are equipped with two PCIExpress connectors, and has gone through ATICrossFire and NvidiaSLI mode of testing, the power supply installed in cooling down a single 120MM double ball bearing fan, low noise, temperature at 50 degrees.

74LS138N Suppliers

ISuppli's China research department (ChinaResearch) Director Kevin&# 8729; Wang (KevinWang) said, "because the Chinese cottage market is not illegal, it is difficult to scale. But with the current large scale the global supply chain, will cause competition and 74LS138N Suppliers and expand the supply of ."

74LS138N Price

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