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Ic 74LS244

white LED lighting defined by this standard and IC 74LS244 and other LED related standards are very different in the "white lighting LED" make a very clear definition. According to the interpretation of this standard, the so-called "white lighting LED" The measurement of the average light intensity of luminous flux or light color, should meet the spectrum (Spectrum), covering almost the full range of visible light region, and which can not have missing parts; correlated color temperature of range (2500 ~ 10000) K or less; and the correlated color temperature in the CIE1960 uniform color (UniformChromaticityScale; UCS) coordinates, with the Planck trajectory (PlanckianLocus) of the deviation (Duv) three conditions must be less than 0.02.

74LS244 Suppliers

Ping said that next year there will be 4 trillion of investment of 1.18 trillion issued, the CPC Central Committee from eight aspects, speed up economic development patterns; the eight areas are: efforts to promote stable rapid development; efforts to promote industrial upgrading and 74LS244 Suppliers and strategic development of new industries; efforts to strengthen agricultural and rural economic development and the basis of income of farmers; efforts to enhance the coordination of regional development; do a good job saving and emission reduction and climate change work; focus on promoting the key areas of reform and opening-up; efforts to improve peoples livelihood and strengthening the social construction; focus their efforts on "second Five-Year" plan and major issues related to research.

74LS244 Price

media, so called, the information industry is the strongest cross complementary industries, is one of the most frequent cross-strait dialogue and 74LS244 Price and exchange industry, one of the areas, Taiwan has the worlds most advanced semiconductor foundries, LCD panels in Taiwan, the world will have two Top 4 (AUO, the new CMO), mainland China, the worlds largest semiconductor market with each of 1,000 million U.S. dollars to the global sourcing of semiconductor products, "the two sides should actively expand the integrated circuit, the panel displays and other key technology fields ."

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