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In order to obtain Bose - Einstein condensates, atomic scientists do everything possible to produce thermal energy, because the higher the temperature, the more restless atom. Previously, scientists had to use large-scale magnetic field coil to "forcing" atoms to give in, "only the magnetic field coil cabinet air conditioners have half the size, the whole instrument together, can take up half the room." Chinese Academy of Sciences led the project Wang

74LS32 Suppliers

80 years ago, the great masters Albert Einstein had predicted: at very low temperatures, the original chaotic atoms would suddenly gather in the lowest energy state, the unity of movement as "a group of atoms in unison singing." This is the well-known physics, "Bose - Einstein condensate." In this specific state, the atoms of the rate of almost zero, so as to provide a unique experimental physicists of the new media. At the same time, it is time to open the door of a quantum information important "stepping stone."

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the original large-scale magnetic field coil can be "tied" to live the atom, now only 100 microns wide lithographic coil, can be allowed to "be themselves." Recently, the reporter from the Shanghai Institute of Optics and 74LS32 Price and Fine Mechanics Institute was informed that the Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics, a research team to achieve the Chinas first atom chip Bose - Einstein condensate (BEC), in cooperation with Zhejiang University Optics China successfully developed the first piece of static magnetic trap potential with atom chips and radio frequency chips for quantum information storage, quantum information, "Copy" and laid the foundation of quantum router.

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