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Ic 74LV4052PW

LI Shu contends that the future of mobile display, will be oriented toward large-screen, high resolution, high color saturation, wide viewing angle, fast response and IC 74LV4052PW and a more frivolous trend. "Big screen trend, now increasingly apparent, prior to 2.4 inches, 2.8 inches is mainly used in smart phones, and now the mainstream of the specifications, has been used in 2.4-inch, 2.8-inch mobile phones are becoming increasingly more, not just high-end Business machines used. as mobile TV and mobile phone GPS program matures, this high-volume mobile applications are there, and this corresponds to a 3.0-inch and 3.2 inches. a leader in consumer electronics, Apple launched iPhone, the 3.5 inch size also appears in the phones applications. "LI Shu new introduction.

74LV4052PW Suppliers

Fairchild Semiconductor introduced a new high voltage gate driver IC (HVIC) product FAN7371, with 4A current driving capability, consumer electronics and 74LV4052PW Suppliers and industrial applications to achieve superior system reliability and saves board space superiority. FAN7371 with the industrys widest high-side driver supply voltage, negative VS swings of up to-9.8V (at VBS = 15V below), and a robust positive and negative VB and innovative common-mode dv / dt noise canceling circuit, thereby providing excellent noise immunity and improve system reliability. Compared to the optocoupler or pulse transformer-based solutions, such HVIC saves at least 50% of the printed circuit board area, and the market more than other low current HVIC eliminates the need for a buffer transistor. Fairchilds FAN7371 is a MOSFET and IGBT drive the best solution for the voltage up to 600V in a wide range of applications, including plasma display panels (PDP), high intensity discharge (HID) lighting, and other general-purpose induction heating inverter and so on.

74LV4052PW Price

There is no doubt that after 20 years of development, LED in the display area has achieved complete success and 74LV4052PW Price and has become a free and on the ratio of the display can not be replaced. In the decorative lighting and fully demonstrate its features to obtain half of the 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony on the outstanding performance of LED is more shocking the world. But must address the fact that the function of white LED lighting is still great limitations. China is already the worlds largest LED production base and consumer market, LED wide application areas, but due to the current level of technology and the actual performance of the limitations of such devices are not used for functional lighting with its directors. The so-called high-power LED, can be found on the market today, but also the maximum power devices 3W, even research and development in the 10W device can be mass produced, but for general lighting, road lighting, especially the use of hundreds of watts of light source, the single grain loss of power is too small. Using a white LED lighting design the dosage must be great, whether it is difficult to design or cost would be worth the candle.

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