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Ic 74LVC16244ADGGR

With the development of 3D video technology, 3D commercial films began in the 20th century gradually began 90 years in the cinema release. In recent years, 3D movie is in full swing. The first 3D film animation achieved primarily through with the shooting skills enhancement, people began to make real 3D movies. 3D focus as an ordinary person, in the search engine search for "first 3D film" appears no fewer than 10 different film and IC 74LVC16244ADGGR and called the first name, although the people confused, but the demonstration of 3D movie momentum. But as a live-action 3D movie Guoneishoubu "Le Fire Boy" because of the fast men and fast woman participation, access to wide attention, the same time, such as "flying Pixar," "Ice Age", "E-Dog" and also earned enough at the box office. New sources of wealth gave birth to the popularity of 3D applications. Out of the cinema, so MP4 players and experience directly to the 3D stereo effect, however, this will be a revolution.

74LVC16244ADGGR Suppliers

LED is the 21st century, the most promising industry, but the current development of the upstream and 74LVC16244ADGGR Suppliers and downstream industries is very uneven. The downstream packaging and application of the necessary financial and technical requirements are relatively low, more than 80% of domestic enterprises have only low-end LED packaging business; the LED chip and wafer upstream industry, technical and financial requirements due to high, so less involved in business development is lagging behind.

74LVC16244ADGGR Price

2007, Intel introduced Moblin platform, the project initially focused on MID software system development, but as time goes on, the platform now includes the other product categories . Currently, Moblin platform is Intels entry areas such as smart phones and 74LVC16244ADGGR Price and flat as a key step.

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