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Ic 74LVC1G08GW

Recently, LSI Corporation announced the launch customer for the channel number of new high-port 6Gb / s SATA + SAS MegaRAID controller, 3ware RAID controllers and IC 74LVC1G08GW and host bus adapter (HBA). The new storage adapter supports both internal and external JBOD storage expansion, to provide a reliable, scalable solutions to meet cloud computing, video streaming servers, high performance computing and general growing number of applications storage needs.

74LVC1G08GW Suppliers

LECT-3301 for the NI ELVIS II platform can provide all kinds of necessary cables, electronic components, tools and 74LVC1G08GW Suppliers and other hardware configuration, has greatly improved NI ELVIS II platform usage. Provides entry-level and its experimental tutorial describes LabVIEW programming; ELVIS use; virtual instrument concepts. ELVIS basis of a full set of experiments, providing LabVIEW source code and applications with two sets of direct experiments. Used in conjunction with the above two products, allowing teachers scratch stage, fast and easy to use virtual instrument platform for the speedy achievement of teaching objectives.

74LVC1G08GW Price

LECT-1101 with plug and 74LVC1G08GW Price and play design not only allows different teachers during the experiment, just switch to a different courseware board, you can easily experiment with different operation, thus greatly reducing the experimental teaching period. So that teachers in the entry stage, the combination of experimental applications; reference supporting materials; and use PPT lectures, you can master the experimental method of virtual instruments, the ease of self-evident.

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