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Ic 74LVC74AD

"Foxconn International also want to supplement the domestic mobile phone OEM mobile phone giant international orders shrink." International partners that the Foxconn, the Foxconn International phone line is the corresponding mass production assembly line, do not adapt to small batch production of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

74LVC74AD Suppliers

TI high-performance analog business, said Gregg Lowe, senior vice president:" In order to solutions provide high-precision amplifiers, TI full advantage of the analog signal conditioning and 74LVC74AD Suppliers and process technology expertise. advanced next-generation applications require high-precision, low power, low operating voltage, and miniature packaging to achieve the perfect combination of unparalleled, The OPA333 will become an important building components of these applications ."

74LVC74AD Price

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announced the launch of its latest series of zero-drift operational amplifiers, these products achieve a high precision, low power consumption, and 74LVC74AD Price and the perfect combination of micro and small packages. OPA333 ultra-low offset (2uV), ultra-low quiescent current (17uA), low operating voltage of 1.8V and SC70 or SOT23 packages and other outstanding features, medical instruments, temperature measurement, test equipment, security and consumer applications such as the ideal choice.

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