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Ic 74V1G04STR

[ Name] LGKS20 [sale price] 1399 yuan (licensed) [business name] today telecommunications [Contact Us] 010--82699577/13683150496/15811553355 [Address] Zhongguancun Ding under the two-story building a good e-C034 (McDonald's is under the elevator to the )

74V1G04STR Suppliers

ue to technical advances in innovation, and 74V1G04STR Suppliers and each electronic product the number of connectors used in a downward trend. Trends in integrated circuits become more significant, SoC, SiP, more and more highly integrated chip, the connector will reduce the market? Omron Gongsi Connector Division product manager for the Greater China region Shimada Qing Secretary believes that Suizhe multifunction IC, the use of connectors to connect Meijie subsequently reduced, under such circumstances the connector market Shibi will be reduced. But he is not pessimistic about the future, "there is still demand for the next connector, the connector will use the purpose of the corresponding off many times, many times to install needs. "

74V1G04STR Price

led Lee Green: led is a kind of green light, better environmental benefits. No ultraviolet and 74V1G04STR Price and infrared spectra, low in calories and no flicker, no radiation, and waste recycling and pollution elements do not contain mercury, cold light source, safe touch, typical of the green lighting.

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