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Ic 74VHC125MX

Cirrus Logics Mixed Signal Audio Products Division, Jason Rhode, vice president and IC 74VHC125MX and general manager, said: "With CS42L52, Cirrus Logic will continue for the rapid development of portable consumer electronic products strong product line of market development. by a high degree of integration and support, and output power, CS42L52 gives system designers an easy-to design highly optimized CODEC ."

74VHC125MX Suppliers

Following the first half of the staff continuously jump from a building, pay initiatives, the Foxconn began implementing the "Inland" program. August 2, Foxconn announced the new plant started production in Zhengzhou. Foxconn Zhengzhou certainly not be the last stop - "high cost" of Shenzhen is no longer suitable foundry operation based on low-cost, Foxconn Shenzhen, most of the production line will be relocated to the mainland.

74VHC125MX Price

It is reported that Intels efforts to suppress the recent listing of the AMD Turion 64 X2 notebook processors and 74VHC125MX Price and a new generation of lightweight exterior design into (Small Form Factor; SFF) part of the concept of the AM2 series of processors, Intel has said it will be 28 to 3 Core Duo dual-core processor models prices prices, and by as much as 13.2 ~ 33.6%. In accordance with Intels latest plan, T2400, T2500 and T2600 processors per one thousand single from the original price will be reduced to 241,294 294,423 and $ 637 and $ 423, T2300 will be cut by roughly the same size, but not VT (Virtualization Technology) features T2300E replaced by the $ 241 price down to $ 209. In addition, according to the latest Intel Roadmap, Intel will launch by the end of June last an advanced core Yonah processor T2700, scheduled to price per thousand of $ 637 single, followed by full adoption of next-generation Intel Core microarchitecture, the Merom processor and is expected to be available in August. In response, industry analysts believe that the terms of the low-power AMD AM2, Turion 64 X2 in the advancing pose a serious threat to Intel, especially in early 2006, Intel Core Duo dual-core processor market, due to high prices, consumers have been in a wait state, causing the market to buy gas as expected; these have forced the decision to substantially reduce the Intel dual-core processor prices. At a time when AMDs new processors listed 2, Intel this time is to its price advantage, comprehensive and fully counter attempts to prevent the weak footing of the new AMD, and in August the upcoming Merom (Core 2 Duo) Processor lay a solid foundation. The Turion 64 X2 in the 184-354 dollar price between the current point of view, dual-core processor in Intels price cuts, the two sides of the cost is almost the same, but Intel has a mainstream and has a better brand, which will lead to Turion 64 X2 short term can not compete with Intel products.

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