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Ic A3120

MOSFET and IC A3120 and power diode will be integrated into a single package to help designers save at least one third of the PCB area, and because no external diode, thereby reducing the solution program costs. 2.5V when the device reaches a larger on-resistance ratings, and SiA850DJ when the 1.8V on-resistance ratings can be achieved, because without the use of level shift circuit, which further saves board space. Conduction resistance of the device ranges from 1.8V VGS power when the 17? ~ 4.5V VGS when the 3.8?, 0.5A when the diode forward voltage is 1.2 V.

A3120 Suppliers

7 Yue 4 news, Apple slipped the configuration flash memory hard drive MacBook Air notebook computer prices dropped by $ 500. Prior to the July 3, Apples MacBook Air shop sales price for the $ 999 laptop. Now, Apple put the laptops price down to 599 dollars. And the laptop to upgrade the processor from 1.6GHz to 1.8GHz, its price dropped from the original 300 dollars to 200 dollars.

A3120 Price

4, communications, application processor independent of separation: different processors to operate independently, clear division of labor, without disturbing each other, significantly improve work efficiency. When the application processor does not work, it can close its associated peripherals, such as keyboard, camera, MP3, MP4 and A3120 Price and other related applications, which also helps to enhance the reaction speed mobile phone. 5, more efficient data exchange: Vision Architecture by shareRAM (dual-port) mode data exchange, data exchange speed, low coupling and high reliability.

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