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Ic A3955SB

Baozhe Nan said that after the development of this area will encounter many challenges. One of them is to improve the new sensor. They react to the constant pressure, but the feeling of human skin may be more complicated. Because the real pressure on the skin of the sensory cells emit signals of different frequencies, such as pain or unpleasant sensation when the signal frequency will be strengthened in order to remind us to pay attention to possible threats. Baozhe Nan said another, "the artificial skin with human nervous systems together, but also a great challenge. In the distant future, perhaps eventually we can make as a function of human skin with artificial skin, it can be with the arm in nerve cells linked together to restore the feeling of his arm. "

A3955SB Suppliers

GFK is a global market research company. Around 2000, GFK, and A3955SB Suppliers and once the PRC, and had acquired Sino discuss issues, but because the price has always been unable to agree, GFK acquisitions are ended in abortion. Currently, home appliances and other durable consumer goods in China and only GFK retail survey and Sanofi, the PRC, three.

A3955SB Price

Hassel PC cameras in 2007, a distinctive feature of the market, it can be said that 2007 was the first year of hassel camera from Vimicro on April 11 launched the second generation of hassel Product VC0301V, by virtue of the high-speed USB2.0 interface, high-definition, hassel, compatibility and A3955SB Price and stability, and many other advantages, will soon be home and abroad PC camera manufacturers use large quantities, so that PC camera market stirred up "hassel" Cyclones, led the PC camera consumption trend.

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