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Ic AD1848KP

CREE, Nichia, the East Bay-style chips with excellent brands, quality assurance, but the price was too high. We will use the chip will not only focus on optimistic about the LED luminous efficiency, high color rendering index, and IC AD1848KP and will pay particular attention, Tj / Ta and the relationship between luminous efficiency and the LED thermal resistance problem. LED chip makers want to enhance the light effect from the later, color rendering index, reduce the cost of three to consider, develop and produce more and better products for our use.

AD1848KP Suppliers

As for the charging issue is a business model issue. If an electric car to operate in three separate, that automobile companies, and AD1848KP Suppliers and charge the battery business operators, like mobile phones, mobile phone manufacturers, battery and operator are separate. OEMs produce vehicles without batteries (for the batteries to the standard placeholder), the charge carriers responsible for the procurement and management of the unified battery, leased to the owners and is responsible for maintenance and replacement of the battery, so to achieve a specialized division of labor, the have all the benefits of electric vehicle commercialization issues solved. Yu Yuguang Electric (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Sun engineers _ Clement: (LED luminous efficiency, high color rendering index of the key factors in the selection )

AD1848KP Price

We have been using the Career of the chip, because its stability is better, but the price is relatively high, and AD1848KP Price and reflect it in a tightness test is not good enough, which is the package that one may still have to improve. Hope LED chip manufacturer and distributor will give us more support, but also hopes to continue to improve the efficiency LED light, LED lighting to promote faster development.

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