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Ic AD1881JST

Texas Instruments (TI) and IC AD1881JST and biometric technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Chiang Kai-shek (MIAXIS Biometrics Co., Ltd.) Jointly announced the launch of SM-6 series of optical fingerprint recognition module. The digital signal processor based on TI TMS320VC5506 (DSP) module is a new type of optical fingerprint sensor with fingerprint entry, image processing, template storage, fingerprint matching and fingerprint search functions to meet the access control, door locks, attendance, safe (cabinet) and other applications needs.

AD1881JST Suppliers

Maxim introduced for cost-sensitive lithium-ion (Li +) battery-powered current monitor system / accumulator DS2741. The device is the industrys first integrated high-side flow resistance of the battery monitoring IC, the 3mm x 3mm in size for space-constrained applications saving valuable space. The devices unique architecture allows users to DS2741 is connected directly to power up circuit fault detection, and AD1881JST Suppliers and trigger the appropriate corrective action. In addition, the device designed to avoid the low-side current-interference in the ground. DS2741 for battery charge control and remaining capacity is estimated to provide a complete current sensing, measurement and cumulative program. Device is ideal for multimedia players, mobile phones, PDA, digital cameras and other handheld wireless devices, also suitable for automotive / telematics.

AD1881JST Price

fingerprint sensor module is a MEMS piezoelectric ceramic with a silicon image sensor arrays and AD1881JST Price and advanced ASIC polymers. All of these components are integrated into one about 35mm long, 14.5mm wide, 0.25mm thick shell of. Sensor itself is only 3 mm long, 14 mm wide, about 0.1 mm thick. The key imaging sensor element is made of ceramic materials by the piezoelectric ceramic MEMS sensor array. This material is the formation of columnar material, each column was about one-tenth of thick hair. These columns have some unique properties, enabling them to apply electric field of mechanical oscillation. Then, these oscillations to 256 shades of gray and records, to form the fingerprint image ridge lines and valley lines. This ensures that most of the other swipe sensor technology, including semiconductor sensors can not achieve the level of accuracy.

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